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It is crucial to use accurate and appropriate words when it comes to explaining evolution. Researches and studies on the topic should be carried out in a rational manner. Science is dynamic. New discoveries will wipe out the previous ones if they were proven to be correct and undeniable. We have to stay updated and aware of recent discoveries if we were to investigate the theory. A closed attitude will not help someone to learn something new. This article was written to clear out some of the misconceptions on evolution and provide a basis for further research on the topic. The theory is not something fresh yet up to these days, so many people still could not get even a grasp of it. More discussions should be done to aid in understanding and do not simply accept or reject something by just following others.


Evolution is simply about the changes that occur as one generation begets the next generation. First of all, evolution cannot produce variations in an environment. The variations already existed. Nature only selects from existing varieties the traits that are most suited to the environment. Evolution also does not follow the predetermined direction. It does not own an ultimate goal as well. Environment does not change the shape of an individual and cannot produce more complex life forms.


Secondly, natural selection is not powerful enough to produce perfection. In other word, it cannot produce the perfect genes. The genes do not have to be perfect in order for an organism to survive and producing offspring. The population is not trying not to evolve.




Natural selection is not a guiding hand. Rather it is merely a process, mechanistic and mindless. It cannot drive the ecosystem to be in a balance condition or strive for any objective. Natural selection can never be able to supply what is needed by an organism.



Furthermore, selection acts on the variations that exist in a population in a non-random way whereas the mutation which responsible for the genetic variations to occur works randomly.


The phrase “survival of the fittest” is frequently misunderstood. The word “fittest” does not necessarilyrefer to those having the best trait, the most cunning, the strongest, or the smartest organisms. Many people tend to have this kind of thought in their minds in general. This is true for certain cases and might not be for a particular case. So, what is meant by this term? The fittest individuals are the ones possessing a combination of traits which allow them to survive and pass on the genetic material to their next generation. From an evolutionary perspective, they could be the one that is weak, not intelligent or even small organisms. An organism is considered fit when it has a suitable combination of traits that helps to flourish in environment at the time. Nevertheless, we need to acknowledge that the greatest success normally belongs to the versatile one in a changing environment.


Lastly, the lineage that links between human and ape is often misunderstood. The theory actually states that both human and ape evolved from the same ancestor. Humans did not evolve from ape as what many people think. However, this seems not to be concerned since the real problem is not about how humans are related to the apes.


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